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Career Builder

Building Trust: The Game of Collaboration

-Experience the consequences of win-lose and win-win strategies
-Learn how to achieve win-win relationships
-Understand what is meant by TRUST
-Identify the biggest organizational trust issues
-Set personal goals for improving trust

Creating Teams: A Blueprint for High Performance

-Define a High Performance team and how it differs from a traditional work group
-Define the three elements of High Performance teams
-Learn about the four types of teams
-Learn the different stages of development
-Learn to create an image and name your team

Face to Face: Communication for Today's Professional

-Learn about people's perceptions and viewpoints and how they differ
-Master the basics of face-to-face communication
-Define "one-way" and "two-way" communication
-Learn to understand and improve your skill in listening

Effective Meetings: The Power to Get Things Done

-Define the characteristics of effective meetings
-Evaluate how effective and efficient your meetings are currently
-Learn the guidelines to improve the effectiveness of your meetings
-Discuss skills needed to improve the quality of team meetings

Emotional Excellence: Handling Life's Challenges

-Learn how you respond to challenging or upsetting events (key moments)
-Explore and understand the patterns in your responses to key moments
-Learn the process for exploring the consequences of your behavior
-Learn to choose positive behaviors and feelings during your key moments
-Identify and challenge the distortions in your interpretations
-Learn a method for changing weakening beliefs to empowering beliefs

Taking Responsibility: How to be Proactive not Reactive

-Learn the meaning and nature of personal responsibility
-Understand how you avoid taking responsibility for yourself
-Assess your willingness to accept personal responsibility
-Allow yourself to see the choices available in your life
-Claim "ownership" for the results of your life
-Understand the power and freedom that comes from accepting responsibility

Conflict Resolution: The Road to Win-Win

-Define "unhealthy conflict" and how to keep from crossing into it
-Learn the five different conflict management styles
-Use a model to help you choose how to respond to potential conflict situations
-Assess which conflict styles you most often use
-Practice a three-step model for resolving conflict
-Decide to modify your conflict style and how to handle your current conflicts

Empowering Employees: A Guide for Success

-Define the difference between commitment and compliance motivation
-Learn how leadership changes to create commitment
-Define the four principles of empowerment
-List the elements of empowerment
-Establish a matrix for identifying what people need in order to be empowered
-Learn a dialog to transfer power to others
-Learn a model of situational leadership

Setting Performance Expectations: A Guide to Managing People

-Learn to confront behavior that fails to meet expectations
-Understand the importance of discipline and conformity in building trust
-Develop a set of non-negotiables for those whom you lead
-Practice the skill of harnessing harmful behavior
-Apply the skill to back-home situations

Time Management: Acting From My Priorities

-Evaluate how you are currently using your time
-Define barriers, which keep you from managing your time more effectively
-Learn the difference between important and urgent
-Learn to schedule time for the important
-Set professional goals to guide your use of time
-Establish systematic approach to managing daily events

Team Decisions: Making Things Happen

-Discuss barriers to group decision making
-Learn about methods of group decision making
-Practice consensus decision-making
-Practice using a group decision-making model
-Identify how your team will improve its group decision making
-Review who is responsible for current team decisions
-Identify team decision issues to be addressed
-Discuss shifting to ideal team decision-making responsibilities

Winning Relationships: Strengthening Self and Others

-Understand the characteristics and consequences of co-dependency
-Know the difference between responsibility for and responsibility to another
-Learn a credo for your relationships
-Understand what you do that weakens others when you intend to help
-Learn the valuing process as a skill to strengthen others
-Evaluate what you do to strengthen others in your relationships
-Understand how contracting can be used to strengthen yourself and others grabify logger grabify.