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Assessments, Training and Professional Development

Training Workshops

Training workshops can give your organization the energy boost you need to improve skills, morale, and productivity.  Lakofisi Consulting offers a wide variety of half-day to full day workshops for personal and professional development.  A training specialist can customize each of these for your company’s specific needs.


  • Becoming an Effective Leader
  • Leading Through Trust - How to Empower Others to do Their Best
  • Effective Delegation Skills - How to Raise Productivity and Develop Your Staff
  • Mentoring - How it brings out the Potential in Others
  • Making Work Fun - How to Creatively Boost Productivity and Employee Morale


  • Building Your Team for Success - Proven Strategies for Superior Work Teams
  • Coaching Your Business Team - How to Inspire Effective Teamwork for Winning Performance


  • Communicating With Skill - Tips for Getting Your Message Across Every Time
  • Performance Reviews that Really Work - How to Prevent Appraisals From Becoming a Waste of Time
  • How to Give and Receive Feedback With Skill
  • Conflict Resolution - Resolving Conflicts the Right Way
  • Making Meetings Work - How to Maximize Meeting Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Speaking in Public - How to Present Your Best Performance Every Time


  • Reaching Success Through Self-Mastery
  • Mastering the Art of Time Management - Proven Strategies for Raising Productivity
  • In Pursuit of Goals - Practical Steps to Go for the Gold in Life
  • Learning to Control Stress So Stress Doesn't Control You
  • Learning for Life - How to Enrich your Career with Lifelong Learning
  • Creative Thinking and You - How to cultivate the Innovative Ability You Didn't Know You Had


  • Becoming a High-Performance Sales Professional
  • The Art of Negotiation - Persuasion Techniques That Can Work For You
  • Becoming Customer Focused - How to Make Stand-out Service Your Organization's Finest Asset


  • Hiring for the 21st Century - A Seminar for Finding, Hiring, and Retaining Great People!
  • New Employee Orientation - How to Reduce Turnover and Save Money With a Superb Introductory Program